We Design With Code

Design and development, utilizing the latest responsive web standards.

Varis Photomedia website

Varis Photomedia
Photography Technique and Training
Custom Theme for WordPress

Belarca Records website

Belarca Records
Contemporary Classical Record Label
Built with Bootstrap

Mitch Dobrowner website

Mitch Dobrowner
Fine Art Photography
Custom Theme for Koken

Octet Ensemble website

Octet Ensemble
Contemproary Music Ensemble
Built with Foundation and Markdown

SMPSP website

Society of Motion Picture Still Photographers
Custom html5/css/php/mySql

John Balk website

John Balk
Real Estate Services
Built with Foundation and php/mySql

Welcome to Hermosawave Internet

Looking for personal service? You’ve come to the right place.

We’ve been on the Internet since 1995 and have seen a lot of changes in that time. If you’re looking for a partner to guide you past the pitfalls and into a successful internet presence, we hope you’ll consider Hermosawave for your website design and hosting needs.

We don’t advertise our services. We don't need to. Our satisfied clients keep sending their friends to us. And that's just the way we like it.

At Hermosawave you’ll get a personal relationship, someone who recognizes your voice and is willing to learn about what you do to help you be successful.

Designer or Developer?

People want to know if we are designers or developers. Designers, often coming from print design, have a great sense of visual style but usually don't understand the technology that makes the web a unique medium. Developers on the other hand are often programmers, comfortable with the code but awkward when it comes to visual style.

HTML and CSS code is really not programming, it's markup, and it really needs to be written with visual as well as technical literacy. That's what we do. We design with code.

About Hermosawave Internet

Photo of Daniel Sofer

We got involved with the Internet in the early 90’s, starting our first website in 1995.

I'm Daniel Sofer and I started Hermosawave Internet to accomodate the interest in the Internet we were getting from our international multimedia, software and design clients.

At one point we had five people in our company, but now it’s mostly me and a few friends that help out on occasion.

We have created hundreds of websites over the years, from simple one-page “I'm here!” sites, to large database-driven eCommerce sites in multiple languages.

I like simple, classy, minimalist design that communicates the quality of you and your brand, while adhering to the latest responsive web standards, and looks great on all the internet devices in use today.

Our focus is on small businesses and creative entrepreneurs: designers, filmmakers, musicians, photographers. We know what you go through because we are one ourselves.

We are always looking for simple and elegant solutions to problems, and there are always a number of solutions we can recommend.

Our goal is to make your life simpler, to be an online partner and resource.

More sites we've made

Roll over for information, click the link to visit.

Hermosawave Photography website

Hermosawave Photography
Landscape and Architecure Photography
eCommerce site built with Foundation, Compass, php/mySQL

Books4Cars website

Automotive Books
Custom eCommerce site

Hermosawave Photography /architecture website

Architecure Photography Subsite
Custom Theme for Koken

Asia America Symphony website

Asia America Symphony
Symphony Orchestra
(no longer active)

Suzanne Hanover website

Suzanne Hanover
Motion Picture Still Photographer
Custom html5/css with SlideShowPro

Hermosa Beach Chamber of Commerce website

Hermosa Beach Chamber of Commerce
Chamber of Commerce
(no longer active)


We feel strongly that everything you present to the world needs to show you at your best.

If there is one piece of advice we offer starting out, it is to consider your website as a series of small steps. Don't try to make something large all at once, and stress out trying to get it DONE, as you might for a record, motion picture or printed brochure. Because unlike these media, a web site is never finished. In fact people will come back to visit to see something new you’ve done with it. In that fresh content sense, a web site is more like a magazine than a book.

So it is fine to start with a single page and expand out from there, as long as that single page is done well.


We think it is important for all your communication to work together to reinforce your brand and your message. Your website, social media and printed communication should be compatible and complimentary. This is something we pay a lot of attention to.

We can provide print materials to compliment your website, but you will often have these already and we will do our best to design your website to work with them.

Similarly, we can offer advice and strategy for social media, but it’s you that needs to implement it. If your social media is not a personal, honest voice then you won't connect with your audience.

Contact Us

Call or email, we're always happy to discuss your ideas and offer suggestions.

We often discuss web design and internet issues on Twitter. Follow us @hermosawave.

We also teach web design - specifically for photographers and imagemakers - at the Los Angeles Center of Photography.

Enjoy our live webcam, pointed at the beach in Hermosa since 1997, currently on the roof of The Mermaid.

And take a look at our photography site: more than 2000 beautiful photographs in a responsive design with eCommerce integration.